Company Profile
    Sinai-Power is a fastgrowing MOSFET ODM and system integration device company engaged in solutiondeveloping, product R&D, manufacturing and marketing in the Power Management field.
    Our wide product portfolio focuses on industial and Automotive products, such as MOSFET used in Automotive module, Motor Driver,High Efficiency/Power Density Tele Power Supply and High quality power supply for E-vehicle Charger Pile. We also provide products for the increasing market of consumer electronics such as Hand Phone, Portable Media Player, LCD TV, Personal Computer, Adapter, Charger and so on.  As an ODM company, we keep a good balance between product performance and cost through consolidated product design and processes. Based on the existing product platform, we provide suitable solutions for customer applications in consideration of a variety of requirements of quality, performance and reliability.
    With experts working at leading companies of power devices in the U.S. for more than 20 years, and a skillful sales team who have been engaged in power devices in the Greater China region, we are confident with oursolid competency on product design as well as fast market response.
Mission & Values
    Sinai-Power operates with a flattened organization structure, with the GM maintaining the Operation while the Managing Director is responsible for the Board and Strategic Development. The executive headquarters of the Greater China region is located in Xi’an, mainly responsible for Marketing and Operations in Asia. Metro Detroit,Michigan, as the Headquarter for Global, and also responsible for Marketing in America and Automotive application research. For Marketing and Sales, we have the Shenzhen branch for South China and the newly opened Shanghai office for East China. Operations are currently focusing on the Foundry and Assembly through Sub-contracting mode.

Quality Control
Sinai’s strategy is to grow together with the whole supply chain in a Win-win manner. On the upstream of the supply chain, we designate the vendors into our Assembly/Test houses who make parts for us. The vendors was selected from the AVL which was approved through an comprehensive evaluation; on the midstream, which is mainly on the manufacturing side, we give priority to develop the strategic partners over years, this has been helping us making business with Chinese FAB and Assembly houses; on the downstream, we focus on several segments around power management field, this is not only to assure the best service to customers, but also to keep pace with customer’s design. Moreover, to support customers with fast response, feasible delivery time and competitive price.
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